My Data

A Cloud Dashboard for your Radio Telemetry Devices

About My Data

My Data specializes in real time control of critical processes using low power radio. The X9100 uses the GSM network to transmit analogue, pulse counter, digital inputs and digital output information. My Data is a cloud platform which receives this data, displays it on a dashboard and allows the user to configure thresholds to trigger email alarms.


  • Factory Automation
  • Process Control
  • Water Treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Security

a picture of an X9102


MISSION: We Deliver Real Telemetry Solutions for Real Applications.

ABOUT US: We provide devices which you can use to gather telemetry data (pulse counters, digital and analogue) from your industrial process. We offer a personalised approach to guide you through setting up your equipment. The system is easy to configure and can get you reporting data to a website or mobile app quickly. We provide a reporting and dashboard tool. Email and SMS alerts can be configured for critical thresholds.


What we offer

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Email Alert

an image of a computer dashboard with charts and dials

Web Dashboard

a picture of the mobile application of My Data

Mobile App


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Briggs Marine

Controlling and monitoring a set of harbour lights

Choose your coverage


Din Rail mounted

Battery pack optional

Low power mode

8 Din

2 Relays

Sim card included


Solar Powered Optional

LCD Display Optional

Low Power Mode

8 Digitals

4 Pulse Counters

4 Analogues

Mobile and Web

Email Alerts


Configure thresholds

Mobile App (Android or IOS)

Encrypted Login

Cloud Storage


Contact us and well get back to you within 24 hours.

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+44 01455 233616